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Nov 13, 2016
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My family was dropped with quite a surprise this week. We signed up with a new insurance plan when my husband earned his promotion from city carrier assistant to full time carrier. This came at a wonderful time whe we found out we were having a surprise 4th child. Last week a bomb was dropped on us. We found out management never finished the paperwork and we were sending medical bills to an insurance company we were not a part of. This has been a huge shock. Even after selling our antique book collection,  My great grandmothers jewelry, our 1998 Ford sedan, and a majority of our furniture we still owe our midwife $3,500.00 to attend our son’s birth. This is a situation we were regrettably not prepared for. Our baby is due 12/1 and we have to pay our midwife by week 38 which is this week.

We regrettably are in a position to ask for help. We have exhausted all options and then some. We want who ever to know we will pay it forward,  We will return this generosity somehow. I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center every week and have already told them I will take on doula clients for free added on to me teaching free weekly classes in hopes this is one way to pay forward the generosity. While we want to earn the money we know in a situation like this and a platform like this it will be hard to pay someone back or help someone in this way so we will and are actively looking for ways to pass on generosity.

3,500 is about 2 months salary for our family and we will kmjo be able to come across it in a week. Please, if you can consider assisting us we will be forever grateful and it will not go un-appreciated and it will be played forward. 



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