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Thanks for using World’s No.1 OPEN FORUM to get Sponsored. WhoSponsor.com is FREE and will always be a FREE Service.

WhoSponsor is all about getting sponsored by millions of donors around the world. Either its Personal or Business you can get sponsored for any kind of your needs. Millions of people has been benefited with WhoSponsor.com.

Simple and Secure process is backbone of our portal. Just Login and Submit all your needs and get financially sponsored by local or international donors.

Below Video describes how WhoSponsor works.

How it Works:

People in need Login and Submit Sponsor Request, all request are categorized so that sponsors can search in desired categories and provide help.

All sponsor requests are automatically published and can be found on integrated Google MAP and in Categories section of WhoSponsor.com.

Sponsors can search via MAP or via Categories and can reach out to people in need directly using comment section of submitted sponsor request. WhoSponsor does not interfere in any kind of help provided by sponsors.


Please feel free to write us on info@whosponsor.com. Feedback and Suggestions are most welcome.



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Important Note: WhoSponsor.com NEVER Call's any user, NEVER ask for Money and NEVER ask for Personal Details. whosponsor.com is not responsible for any kind of fraud\scam. This site is made just to help people in need. Any kind of fraud\scam should be handled by requester or sponsor by himself.